Mouvement mécanique Mouette ST1903

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Il s'agit d'un tout nouveau Seagull TY2903 (ST1903) à 20 rubis de qualité supérieure à remontage manuel 30 minutes. mouvement chronographe. Réserve de marche env. 42 heures. Pièces polies brillantes avec vis en acier bleu et roue à colonnes.

Aiguille du chronographe à 3h, trotteuse à 9h, suivi 24h à 6h. Aiguille longue centrale – 60 secondes pour le chronographe.

DIAMÈTRE : 31,3 mm

ÉPAISSEUR : 6,25 mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Marc-Andre Fortier

Great parts and great service!

Maurizio Antolini

Respected delivery times, only one problem, the case was missing, which was sent to me later, excellent quality

Sebastien T
Adopt a Mechanical chronograph

The ST1903 movement IS nice, reliable and perfect for a DIY experience.

Jared Cooper
Keeps time out of the box.

I assembled this movement with dial, hands, and case wound it. Times it and it showed +-3seconds in multiple positions. Kept it wound daily for three days. Re timed, and nothing has changed. It’s been great since taking it out of the package.

geoff eaton
Rare movement.

The ST1903 (TY2903) is a rare movement indeed. Not many people would consider a Chinese made movement 'rare' or even close to rare but nevertheless, it is. Try to find a chronograph movement with a 24Hr sub dial and though they may be out there, they will be very expensive, probably Swiss yes but very expensive. The ST1901 lends itself nicely to those who desire for example, a replica of the Omega Speedmaster or similar but consider this; The speedy has a 12 hr dial so why would anyone want another 12Hr sub dial? The Speedmaster is famous as the 'NASA' watch but I believe a 24Hr sub dial would have been more useful in space and so my replica will have this improved feature all for the low cost of the ST1903 movement.

The movement itself is an accurate time-keeper, has a satisfying 'click' when the column wheel chronograph is operated and is nicely finished. What's not to like?