Oyster stainless steel bracelet 20mm (for explorer)

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Fit explorer, submariner, GMT watch cases

Material - 316L stainless steel

Width - 20mm

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I would say the global quality is not that bad and aligned with my expectation (it's my toolwatch and it's low cost so you get what you pay). The brush finishing is nice.
The 2 annoying points on my side are:
- the endlink is clearly for the 36mm version of the Explorer, it still fit closely to the case without any assembly or watch securing issue but the 39mm explorer version have longer lugs which are not fully "covered" by the endlink
- the clasp is not that good but make its job, I will probably change it for another one.

To be fair, for this price level nothing to really complain about for the overall quality and I would have set a 4 stars but it would have been simple and great to have endlinks for the 39mm case, just a matter of having a consistent catalog and would really improve the look.

Jose Javier Ochoa de Eribe Lizarralde

Oyster stainless steel bracelet 20mm (for explorer)

marcin uścinowicz
Best bracelet ever!

It fits perfect to my explorient! It is well made and best choice for this price, that dor sure! I WILL BE BACK :)

Jannis Röhling
Perfect Bracelet

Comfortable, very good quality. Fast delivery!

Gary Hoo
Value for money

Solidly built, very nice!